columbia records | us releases:
      1973          anytime at all
      1974          II: convey
      1975          medicine

      1976          knockin' on heavens door 
      1977          one at midnight
      1978          transparent
metromusic records | uk/japan re-releases:
      1980-2         fans
      1980-3         november rain
      1981-2         everything's alright
      1981-3         the world i know
      1982-2         iris
      1982-3         summer days like these

mca records | "tonicwater sessions production still pending"

      1984        death of culture
      1988        shakey outward handflip 
metromusic records | live/dvd:
      1993        serve the nerve: severance hall(dvd)
      1997        mayhem: the early years (1969-1973)
      2002        moving forward in the neverborn realm(dvd)
      2007        slane castle 2005(includes u2 opening setlist)
      2015        as requested around the world:
                  compilation anthology 71-78
                   12 songs for the radio (classics) 
                   greened (alt)
                   under the ten hour sleep mark (mellow)
                   coda (epic long tracks)

columbia records |  2020's new releases:
a possible ten albums can be released...
courtesy of bulletproof headphones
which are in stores 2021 / for all
thanks for the information regarding
production sab all those years